Thomas Edwards is a technological artist living in Los Angeles, CA. His work seeks to explore the interface between people and electronic machines, often by encouraging true interaction between them.

Edwards was formally trained as an electrical engineer, worked in the Web and Internet streaming media industries, and currently works for a major television network on advanced broadcast video technology projects.


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"Catapult" February 23 - April 4, 2007, group show at the Maryland Hall for The Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD. Work: "Look" (collaboration with Scott Hutchison), "Blame".

"Interface" January 13 - February 8, 2006, Fraser Gallery Bethesda, MD. Work: "Look" (collaboration with Scott Hutchison), "Blame".

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"MOCA Darlings" May 7 - June 1, 2004, Museum of Contemporary Art Washington, DC. Work: "School of Fish Pain"

"Digital Links" Sept. 30-Oct. 18, 2002, Paul Peck Art Building, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD. Work: "Memory House"

"Fame After Photography" July - Oct., 1999, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Work: Web Projection with "Jennishow" Video, collaboration with Carla Cole.

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