Breath to OSC App

Welcome to the site for the Breath to Open Sound Control (OSC) application.

You can get the Breath OSC app at iTunes!

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This app senses your breath on the microphone, then sends information based on the power of your breath using OSC to electronic music applications that use OSC.  You can set the IP address and UDP port of the destination, as well as a breath level threshold to begin sending the OSC messages.  The app sends an OSC message in the path "/breath/" as a real number from 0.0-1.0 in the float32 data type.


Click here for the Breath OSC Support site


This is what the App looks like when you are breathing on the microphone enough to go above the threshold.

Example Pure Data Patch

This Pure Data patch receives the OSC commands from Breath OSC Interface on port 9000.  It extracts the path "/breath", and multiplies the breath strength times 1000 to provide input into the oscillator.  It also prints out the received breath strength:



Open Sound Control documentation

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